Defiance release date announced for April, to be preceded by beta weekend next week


Trion Worlds’ MMO shooter will launch itself into shops virtual and physical around the world on April 2nd. That’s not a tentative, rainbow-pot date either, but a great, wide steel wall of transmedia obligation. Because Defiance has to be out before April 15th, when the first episode of its Syfy TV sibling plays to the public.

“In terms of ambition and scope, Defiance’s transmedia features make it unlike any other entertainment experience,” said the game’s exec producer Nathan Richardsson in a statement. “After five years of development, it brings great pride to the Trion and Syfy teams seeing Defiance come to fruition.”

Long before that fruition though, Trion will host a second beta weekend, beginning on February 8th at 8am PST and running til 9pm PST on the 10th. Players will visit future Frisco as Ark Hunters to collect six-digit alpha numeric codes, which will unlock 15 different levels of rewards. Also to shoot bugs in co-op.

Can’t visualise that? Handily, Trion have posted a new live action trailer designed specifically to provide “further insight into the lives behind the Ark Hunters in Defiance, and how there is never a safe moment on this new, terraformed Earth”:

Terror-formed, more like. Do you think Trion and Syfy’s monumental efforts in building towards a joint release will pay off?

Thanks, Massively.