Demon’s Souls soundtrack rerecorded by Death Stranding sound editor, available digitally end of November

Vinyl and CD versions are coming

The Demon’s Souls remake may not be coming to PC for the time-being, but at least we’ll get to enjoy the soundtrack. The rerecorded music from the original Souls-like game will be available digitally towards the end of November.

Since we’re less than two weeks away from the release date, Sony’s been putting up some behind-the-scenes details on the RPG game‘s revamped soundtrack. In a video featurette, you can see the recordings taking place in London, where a 75-piece orchestra and 40-person choir, and a number of vocal and instrumental soloists, bring Shunsuke Kida’s haunting melodies back to life. Bill Hemstapat, a music editor and composer who’s worked on Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, oversaw the new arrangements.

The music was recorded at AIR Studios in London, using the pipe organ of London’s Temple Church. In the PlayStation Blog (cheers, Gaming Music News), Gavin Moore, creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios, talked up some of what makes Demon’s Souls’ soundscapes so special. “Music is used sparingly, and fear builds within you from its absence, and a sense of loneliness and desperation creeps in,” he writes. “But the void left by the music is filled with sound, which surrounds you and envelops you.”

The Demon’s Souls soundtrack will be available digitally on November 26, and Gaming Music News says a physical version on CD and vinyl will come thereafter, revealing artwork for the vinyl cover.

Here’s the short feature on the recording:

As mentioned, the Demon’s Souls remake is a PlayStation exclusive as of now. The initial reveal did say a PC release was coming, which was recanted by Sony, but we’re staying hopeful. Sony’s keen on PC ports, after Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn did strong numbers, so we’ll see what happens. At least we’ll have the music, and Lego Dark Souls.