Depth’s Big Catch update pits you against a prehistoric shark

depth big catch update trailer megalodon diving game digital confectioners

Fighting a shark is terrifying enough. Going toe to toe with a prehistoric dinosaur shark is a whole new level of pant wetting.

Depth, the diving game which sees five players trying to strip ancient shipwrecks of their booty while being attacked by sharks, has just received a massive free update. Not only does it add the hyper underwear soiling Megalodon Hunt, I brings in two new sharks, new gear, rebalances the great white, and, on top of all that, adds editing tools tools.

The latest Depth trailer gives a brief overview of the update:

In Megalodon Hunt five players will face off against the giant shark. This beast is so large it won’t give you much trouble when you can get inside the wrecks small rooms but the moment you leave the safety of the ship you step into the realm of this massive shark.

The new map, Devil’s Head, sees you fighting sharks throughout an old gold mine. Set over three floors of flooded halls your team can be trapped and torn apart by sharks if you aren’t weary of the tight spaces.

Not satisfied with adding the megalodon to Depth, Digital Confectioners have also introduced two new sharks to the cold, treasure-filled seas. The mako is a speedy, agile creature, built for speeding through tight interiors to take on divers one-on-one. The tiger shark is for those that want to take a few more shots. It’s bigger, bulkier, and stronger. Facing it down will be like running at an oncoming train.

With all these new sharks, the team have rebalanced the great white to make him into a close quarters shark. Large, powerful, and slow, it waits near the likely exit route the divers will take to return to their ship and it tears them to shribbons.

Divers aren’t left out of this update. They’ve been given a shark shield which disrupts the shark’s electromagnetic senses, essentially blinding the shark.

Finally, the DepthED’s been released, allowing players to build their own mods and levels. I expect to see some truly horrific creations appearing in the Steam Store – wide open seas with no cover, or playable giant squids.

You can find full patch notes over the page.


This includes the major changes since the last update (minor bugfixes and changes are not included)


  • Second game mode (‘Megalodon Hunt’) added with 5 divers vs 1 shark

  • Tiger shark class added

  • Mako shark class added – is very fast and nimble, but fragile

  • Great White shark class re-balanced to be tough but a bit less agile

  • Shark Shield consumable added for divers


  • Knife now deals 10% of Max Health as damage with a cap of 30 damage

  • ADS damage increased to 35 from 29

  • APS damage increased to 35 from 34

  • Nimble Finned now removes 0.5 seconds from lunge/dart cooldowns, instead of halving the cooldown

  • Great White, now breaks breakables in one less hit

  • Bombsniffer no longer reveals Sonar Buoys

  • Fueled Anger no longer gives stamina past the maximum

  • Fixed damage points being capped at 255

  • Over damage no longer gives score


  • Team selection moved into the Matchmaking/Bot match menus along with other ‘game settings’

  • Lobby Browser moved into a popup tab accessible from the Steam Lobby menu


  • Devil’s Head is an all-new map with a focus on indoors gameplay

  • Treasure pickup fixes on all maps


  • Fixed brief light flicker as a shark when the other shark spawned

  • Lighting and shadows on sharks/divers improved dramatically through the use of light environments


  • Big Picture support added, you can toggle the Big Picture/OS cursor in Settings -> Game -> UI

  • 13 new achievements added


  • Bot Headers now properly reflect the skill level of AI

  • Fixed sound for cashing in treasure

  • You can now select ‘No Bots’ as a difficulty level to play with smaller player numbers

  • Various performance improvements