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Deranged Rabbits giveaway! Win one of 175 copies of this deadly platformer!


Ah, bunnies. Known for lots of things, namely their squishy tails, love of carrots, and that one song from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode. They’re perhaps lesser known for traversing through landscapes brimming with deadly traps, but that’s exactly what Deranged Rabbits is about. In a quest to amass more vegetables than the average rabbit arguably requires, you’ll have the fate of Fluffly the bunny put into your hands as your attempt to guide them safely through 75 stages filled with spikes, saws, hammers and various other instruments of destruction. All in a day’s work, really. 

We’ve got 175 keys for this frantic platformer to give away, and for your chance to win all you need to do is complete some actions in the widget below. Each action is worth one entry, so the more times you enter the more chance you’ll have of winning. We’ll need your email address too, not for nefarious purposes, but simply so we can deliver your beta key should you win.

If you’re successful you’ll be given a code to redeem on Steam. Just click the ‘Add A Game’ button at the bottom of the Steam client window, and ‘Activate a Product on Steam’. Follow the instructions, download the game, and get playing!

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Deranged Rabbits giveaway