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You can now tour the Valve office lobby in VR from the safety of your computer chair

Valve office in VR

The infinite possibilities of VR: being Luke Skywalker. Destroying planets with your hands. Training as a space pirate. And now: seeing where Gabe Newell has lunch (probably). A recent update to Valve’s Destinations VR app has added their very own lobby to the exploration-focused game. In it, you can have a look around the Seattle-based office, either solo or with groups of friends. It’s also totally free but, obviously, requires a VR headset.

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Sadly it doesn’t look like Valve have quite implemented the much-requested module of snooping around their offices, hacking into computers and releasing Half-Life 3 yet, but it can only be days away. In the meantime, there’s a load of other places to explore in the game, real and imaginary. Including, based on the screenshots, a slightly terrifying blank black box filled with Portal turrets. There’s also various community creations, which are built using props unlocked through exploring the game.

Valve’s lobby is packed with easter eggs, natch, and introduced by Gabe Newell, according to UploadVR. Since the lobby update they’ve also fixed various bugs.