Destiny 2 third-party apps are about to get way more useful

Destiny 2 apps like Destiny Item Manager and Ishtar Commander are about to get even more useful

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When the next big update for space MMO Destiny 2 arrives December 7, you can expect to see some changes to your favourite third party Destiny 2 apps coming shortly after. That’s because Destiny 2 will be dropping the glimmer cost associated with armour mods, and opening up Armour 2.0 mods, weapon perks, shaders, and more to app developers.

Apps like Destiny Item Manager and Ishtar Commander make it easy to manage your Destiny 2 inventory from your mobile device or web browser, but historically there have been some limitations on what these apps can do with the Destiny 2 API. Fortunately, Bungie says it’s ready to at least start opening up the options available to developers, with an eye toward making loadout creation and management possible through these apps.

“Starting next week, you can swap out your armor mods instantaneously, at any time, with no Glimmer or currency required,” writes senior community manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner in the latest This Week at Bungie. “The goal of the team is to better enable build crafting on the fly, whether you be loading into a PvP match or prepping for a Nightfall.”

The removal of the glimmer cost means that third-party apps will be able to move armour mods around, but the latest TWAB doesn’t stop there.

Gafner goes on to say that third-party app developers will have access to any “free and reversible” socket actions in your Destiny 2 inventory. While you’ve always been able to swap your active weapons and armour around in the apps, going forward, apps will also be able to manage things like shaders, Armor 2.0 mods, ornaments, ghost projection, and weapon perks from outside the game.

“While this may not be a solution to every build craft feedback item, it is a step forward as the team looks to dialing in build crafting and loadout opportunities for Destiny 2 in the future,” Gafner writes. “The team will also be looking at Artifact mod resets and costs in the future, but general armor mod swapping is a great first step.”