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How to get Destiny 2 Arbalest Exotic fusion rifle

Pick up this event exclusive Exotic by following these quest steps

destiny 2 arbalest

How do you get the Destiny 2 Arbalest linear fusion rifle? The question has been lingering for quite some time now, as the new Exotic leaked when the Season of the Drifter first came out and yet it was nowhere to be seen. The method of adding Arbalest to your inventory is remarkably simple from what it used to be, and with the linear fusion rifle packing one hell of a punch, it’s well worth it.

Arbalest’s intrinsic perk is Compounding Force, which causes the Exotic fusion rifle to fire slug shells instead of an energy bolt in the free PC game. This is handy as slugs deal higher damage to enemy shields – something that’s usually a strength of elemental weapons rather than the kinetic family the Arbalest is a part of. The Compounding Force perk goes hand-in-hand with the gun’s Disruption Break talent as it increases kinetic damage after an enemy’s shield has been broken. There’s some refreshing flexibility here, too, as after an enemy shield is broken you can stick with the Arbalest to deal more damage or swap to another kinetic weapon. Sound like something you may be interested in? Our handy Destiny 2 Arbalest Exotic guide will help you add this Exotic to your arsenal in no time at all.

To acquire the Destiny 2 Arbalest, you must decode exotic engrams, with each one giving you a chance to net the Arbalest. The previous method of obtaining the Exotic weapon is no longer applicable but still outlined below for posterity.

How to unlock the Destiny 2 Arbalest

When you speak to Eva Levante, you’ll notice that while she is selling the Exotic, it’ll mention that you need to complete the ‘Party Hard’ triumph. To do this, you’ll need to complete seven out of ten event triumphs:

  • A Bountiful Spring: Complete 50 daily and weekly bounties for Eva
  • Budding Fashion: Defeat 20 bosses while wearing at least four pieces of Revelry armour
  • Fireworks!: Get 100 grenade kills in Strikes, Crucible and Gambit
  • Melee Mayhem: Get 100 melee kills in Strikes, Crucible and Gambit
  • Super Celebratory: Defeat 150 enemies using Supers
  • Spring Cleaning: Clear 50 Verdant Forest branches
  • Spring Hunt: Defeat at least three bosses in a single run of the Verdant Forest
  • Verdant Light Competitive: Generate 200 Orbs of Light in Gambit or Crucible
  • Verdant Light Cooperative: Generate 200 Orbs of Light in raids or Strikes
  • Verdant Light Events: Generate 200 Orbs of Light in the Verdant Forest or any Black Armory forge

If you’re going for speed here, skip out on doing Bountiful Spring, Budding Fashion, and Verdant Light: Competitive, as they’re the most significant time sinks. The rest of these quests can easily be knocked out by running Strikes and the Verdant Forest mode on repeat. It took us between four to five hours to do this, so it is a bit of a grind, though it’s entirely doable in a night.

Farm for Reveler’s Essence

Now that you’re partied out, you’re allowed to buy The Arbalest from Levante as long as you have 300 Reveler’s Essence. You should have a great deal of this already as all you need to do is play the game to get it – but you can expect to get 17 Reveler’s Essence from a single strike or six from a public event.

The fastest way by far and large is to run the Verdant Forest and collect the chests on the way. If you do this, by killing all five bosses and completing 20 branches, you should be earning upwards of 50 Reveler’s Essence per run. On top of that, bounties also grand you some on completion.

And there you have it, how to unlock the Destiny 2 Arbalest. It’s an unusual weapon for sure, and there’s a lot of potential for future raid strategies with this gun – such as melting a boss’s shield and swapping to something more powerful to deal some chonky damage. Regardless if you’re a speed runner or a collector, though, we hope this guide helps.