Destiny 2 character boosts and Lightfall campaign boost explained

Destiny 2 character boosts and the new Lightfall campaign boost allow you to progress your characters for a fee - here's how they work and if it's worth it.

Destiny 2 character boosts explained: A Guardian shows their stuff during Destiny 2's Guardian Games event.

Destiny 2 character boosts let you expedite progress through the game on your alternate characters. As of Lightfall, character boosts allow players to skip the campaign on alternative accounts or bring their alternate characters to the game’s soft cap… for a fee.

The primary benefit of character boosts in Destiny 2 is that they open access to some of the game’s best content on your alternate characters without requiring you to complete the same Power level grind or campaign grind on all characters. While this is a convenient and time-saving way to level your character in the FPS game, it also has drawbacks. Still, it’s an attractive option for people who want to bypass the grind to prepare for day one Destiny 2 Lightfall raid experiences or don’t have time to repeat the campaign on two more characters.

Destiny 2 character boosts explained: An up-close image of a Guardian from 2022's Guardian Games.

Destiny 2 character boost cost

Bungie has yet to reveal how much it will cost players to boost their characters in Lightfall. However, with previous campaigns, boosts cost 2000 Silver, or about $20. We’ll update this section once Bungie shares the costs of these boosts.

Destiny 2 character boost types

As of the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, the space game has two character boost types. One allows players to boost their alternate characters’ Power levels. The other enables players to skip the campaign on their alternate characters, allowing them access to a significant amount of the game’s content without spending hours replaying the same campaign.

Destiny 2 character boosts explained: A Guardian stands proud durin gthe Guardian Games.

Power level character boosts

The game’s power level character boost requires you first reach the soft cap of 1750 with their main character. You can then ‘boost’ your alternate characters by paying the required amount of Silver. The boost unlocks a complete armour set for that character, which will be at that soft cap level. This process saves you from grinding to the game’s soft cap on three characters.

Campaign character boosts

As of Lightfall, Bungie is introducing the opportunity for you to pay for the chance to skip the game’s campaign on alternative characters, provided you’ve completed the Lightfall campaign on one of your characters. Once you complete the campaign, you’ll have the chance to ‘boost’ your alternate characters, bypassing the campaign and granting access to destinations typically only accessible by completing specific campaign missions. Perhaps more importantly, paying this fee also unlocks the Destiny 2 Strand subclass on the alternate accounts. Therefore, a player who has completed the campaign and unlocked Strand on one character can immediately unlock Strand on all characters without having to play through hours of campaign content a second and third time.

Note that players who choose this option will miss out on rewards they would have earned from completing the campaign, such as XP from challenges or Triumphs. Fortunately, even if you choose to boost your characters in this manner, you will still have the opportunity to replay the campaign content at your convenience.

Destiny 2 character boosts explained: A Guardian shows their power during the Guardian Games.

That’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2 character boosts. Check out our Destiny 2 season 20 guide and our Lightfall exotics list for more insight on what’s new in the multiplayer game this season. And remember, even if you don’t plan to pay for the Lightfall DLC, Destiny 2 is still one of the best free PC games available.