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Destiny 2’s Cipher Decoders are now easier to come by

Bungie are keeping an eye on it and will buff it further in the future if needed

Destiny 2‘s Festival of the Lost is now in full swing, but players swiftly ran into a snag. The new Cipher Decoders needed to open chests and get event-exclusive loot are a tad hard to come by. Bungie has taken notice, however, and has buffed the drop rate for Cipher Decoders.

“We’ve deployed a fix that will drastically increase Cipher Decoder drop rates from completing activities throughout the game,” the developer says on Twitter. “We’ll continue to monitor the situation to determine if further fixes are necessary.”

The consensus on the space game’s Reddit page seems to be somewhat mixed, with some reporting that they’re not getting any more Cipher Decoders than they were previously. If you’ve been out of the loop, the Halloween event currency has the chance to drop in any activity from Crucible matches to Gambit. It’s only a possibility, however, and not a sure thing, which is what’s leading to some frustration from the community. Once you have a fair amount of them you can take to the Haunted Forest activity and open chests at the end to get the Braytech Werewolf and Horror Story auto rifles.

We’ve seen the two previously, but they have been brought in line with Destiny 2’s current arsenal of weapons so that you can get random perks on them. Bungie says it’s still monitoring the situation, though, so stay tuned.

Elsewhere, in Destiny’s weekly update, we found out that Bungie is giving the game’s new player experience some TLC. Rather than wrapping up after a brief introductory mission, you’ll now meet Shaw Han. He’ll send you to investigate the Hive and show you the ropes. That comes into play November 10.

Mods are also getting, er, modified. Weapon specific mods will no longer be assigned to an element. To rattle off one example, hand cannons are void, so you’ll need an armour piece with that element if you want to get a mod that boots your pea shooters reload speed. Enhanced mods are also getting the boot, and the regular versions of those mods are being brought into line with them.

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light release date is getting closer, and we can’t wait. If you fancy tackling it with a new guardian, though, you can check out our Destiny 2 classes guide. I will never not be a Hunter – wouldn’t dream of it.