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Bungie is “building plans around” Destiny 2 cross-play

Destiny 2 exotics

June 13, 2019 Bungie says it’s making plans for Destiny 2 cross-play.

Barriers around platforms are breaking down, and Destiny 2 gets cross-save alongside the new expansion launch on September 17. But that’s only getting us halfway to true platform agnosticism. Bungie has confirmed that it wants to bring true cross-play to the game, but right now it’s a question of time and resources.

“Cross-play is definitely a part of achieving that total vision,” Bungie’s Mark Noseworthy tells Kotaku, “but this year, in terms of what we could afford to do – there’s technology, policy, and then there’s time and resources. Cross-save is the things people have been screaming about the most, and that we want the most. We have a lot of people that want to play on multiple consoles and platforms.

“Cross-play is something we definitely talk about, looked at and are building plans around. Can’t say when it’s going to land right now.” That’s slightly more concrete than what Noseworthy had to say in a tweet earlier this week: “cross-play is absolutely something we’re interested in doing some day, but we have a lot on our plate to chew through first.”

For now, it looks like all hands are on deck at Bungie to bring out Shadowkeep and the New Light relaunch.

With all that work to do, perhaps it’s no great surprise that reports suggest Destiny 3 is still quite a while off – it looks like Destiny 2 has some life in it yet.

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