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You might get a new name when Destiny 2 cross-play goes live

The Destiny 2 devs explain how the new 'Bungie name' system will work once cross-play goes live

An example of what the new Bungie names will look like when Destiny 2 cross-play goes live

We’ve known that Destiny 2 is getting cross-play for some time, and today the developers at Bungie have provided a load of details on exactly how the feature will work. As part of the unification of platforms, everyone’s getting a ‘Bungie name’ to ensure names are consistent – and that means there’s a chance you won’t get the name you really want.

“We’re converting everyone’s name over to an identity that will remain consistent across all platforms you play from,” the devs say in the blog post. “We’re calling this your Bungie name. While this will cause a one-time naming reshuffle, we feel this is better for everyone in the long run.”

These names will follow the format of ‘PlayerName#1234’, but just the bit before the hash will display to other players. Because of various platform restrictions, certain characters may be removed from your name, which could cause players to “end up with empty names, or names that result in offensive terms”, Bungie says.

“If your name ends up empty or includes a moderated term, you will find the quite unremarkable ‘Guardian[Random Number]’ name over your character’s head.” You will not have the option to change your name when cross-play launches in Season 15, but that feature will land sometime this winter.

Cross-play launches with the Bungie name system, matchmaking, player search, and privacy options in “early Season 15”. Cross-platform voice chat will follow “soon after launch”. Name change options and console text chat will land in the winter.

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