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Dark Fallen, No Time To Explain teased for tomorrow’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light reveal

What lies beneath the ice of Europa? Guns, it turns out

Bungie has teased another reveal for Beyond Light, the next major expansion for Destiny 2. We’ll be finding out more about the expansion to the spacefaring MMO game October 7, but there are some clues to be found in the teaser the developer has posted.

Posted today, October 6, the trailer opens with a shot that tracks over the surface of the icy Jovian moon of Europa, which we’ve seen is the location of one of Destiny’s ominous Black Pyramids, the harbingers of the Darkness. A voice cries out in an apparent signal to Fallen across the galaxy, reminding them that the Eliksni (that’s the Fallen) “at home on Europa” are the future of their kind, and that they’ll destroy any forces who threaten them.

The shot then cuts to objects suspended in the thick ice sheets – it’s a pair of weapons, including the exotic pulse rifle No Time To Explain, which was featured in the Taken King expansion to the original Destiny. “Remember,” the voice says, “Light only burns bright so long, but darkness is forever.” Three Guardians atop sparrows speed toward the camera as the teaser closes.

Here’s the clip:

So what’s going on here? To find out, we went and plugged an exotic USB stick into the brain of one Richard Scott-Jones, who somehow knows everything there is about Destiny. According to Rich’s brain, the voice you hear in the trailer belongs to Eramis, the Big Bad of Beyond Light.

She originally appeared in the original Destiny as a member of the Fallen House of Devils, which had been in control of Earth’s Cosmodrome. Now, Eramis has upped stakes and moved the House of Devils to Europa, where they’ve embraced the extra-dimensional force of The Darkness and gained lots of evil power as part of the deal.

All this means that the October 7 reveal may be a first look at the new Dark Fallen we’ll be facing off again when the Beyond Light release date rolls around, which happens to be pretty soon.

In any case, we’ll know more in less than 24 hours.