Destiny 2 Dawning event returns next week, Iron Banner early next year

Destiny 2's Dawning event returns on December 13 with cookie recipes for all Guardians and Iron Banner returns early next year, according to today's TWAB

Destiny 2’s Dawning event, a fan-favourite activity in the popular FPS game, will return on December 13, according to the most recent post in the developer’s This Week at Bungie series. The TWAB also notes Destiny 2 Iron Banner will return to the game early next year on January 3, and Trials of Osiris returns on December 16.

To date, Bungie hasn’t shared much information about what players can expect from its annual Dawning event. However, the Dawning, a holiday-themed celebration, is generally similar every year. Helmed by Eva Levante, whom players lovingly refer to as the game’s “space grandma,” Guardians collect ingredients by participating in various game activities and can then combine these ingredients in an oven to “bake” them. Specific recipe combinations grant rewards such as special weapons, armour, and upgrade materials.

The Destiny 2 development team has recently been experimenting with event cards, which cost a fee but grant additional cosmetic rewards for completing in-game activities. This year’s Dawning will likely also feature an event card, just as this year’s Festival of the Lost and Solstice activities featured such cards.

Previously, Bungie shared that when this season’s Iron Banner returns, it will feature a new game mode called Fortress, which the team describes as Control with an added twist. As usual, players who play Iron Banner can also earn a special Iron Banner armour set. The season’s set is a legacy armour set initially featured in the original Destiny’s The Taken King expansion.

Destiny 2 Dawning event returns next week, Iron Banner early next year: An image of the Destiny 2 Iron Banner season 19 armour set, a revival of an armour set from the original Destiny's The Taken King expansion.

Bungie’s blog post also mentioned a series of new rewards in the online Bungie Store, including Moments of Triumphs badges, pins, and T-shirts. Other items include Destiny 2 x Fall Guys plushies, coffee mugs, and collectable statues. It also offers additional insight into the Destiny 2 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla crossover, which features purchasable Assassin’s Creed Valhalla cosmetics in Destiny 2 and vice versa.

The TWAB also notes the Destiny 2 Lightfall gameplay trailer will debut tonight as part of The Game Awards, streaming December 8 at 8pm EST / 5pm PST / 1am GMT (December 9). Players can expect this will heavily showcase the forthcoming Destiny 2 Strand subclass.

Finally, the TWAB also announced the name of the new dungeon that will debut in the game on December 9. The dungeon is called Spire of the Watcher. However, Bungie has provided little information on what else players can expect from the dungeon.

Destiny 2 season 19 recently launched and has Guardians fighting to revive Rasputin, the AI Warmind, and keep powerful Warsats out of Hive god Xivu Wrath’s grasp. The season introduces a slew of new and repurposed weapons, weapon perk reworks, and several Exotic items. Lately, players have expressed their growing frustration with the space game‘s seasonal model, but recent Destiny 2 PVP changes and a challenging seasonal activity have garnered positive feedback from the community.