Destiny 2 shows off new map Altar of Flame and its fresh, 4v4 Survival mode

Destiny 2 beta strike Modular Mind

A new Destiny 2 video just dropped, showing off Altar of Flame, a new Mercury-based map that’s linked to the rogue Warlock Osiris. It’s bathed in yellow and full of defined edges, like some kind of high-def Minecraft creation. 

Here’s all the gear from the Destiny 2 beta and how it works. 

As well as the map, the video shows off Survival mode. Survival pits teams of four against each other in tight arenas. Both teams have a limited pool of eight respawns and the first to whittle their opponents down to zero wins a point. First to three points wins.

It’s a spiritual successor to Skirmish, mimicking the small team tactics of that mode, but with more tension. It’s also only available in the competitive Crucible playlist, so it’s one to tackle when you’re getting serious about PvP.

In each match, only one power ammo box spawns, and it does so at the centre of the map, drawing the teams together. This should ensure there aren’t any boring stalemates. Check it out in the video above.