The Destiny 2 console beta has been extended

The black and blue tent in the foreground is Eververse

If you own a console as well as your PC, you’ve got a little longer to check out what will probably be one of our platform’s biggest new releases this year: the Destiny 2 console beta has been extended by a couple of days.

What’s in the beta, and is it any good? Check out Matt’s Destiny 2 beta guide, and what he thought of it. 

The announcement comes from Bungie’s technical support team on Twitter. The beta will now end at 18:00 PST tomorrow (Tuesday, 25 July). That’s 02:00 BST on Wednesday morning, for us in the UK.

But don’t expect it to be smooth: Bungie say they’ll be doing some testing on their side, which may result in errors or other choppy waters.

The Destiny 2 beta has raised a lot of questions among the community, the central one being: is PvE suffering from Bungie’s efforts to balance the PvP side? Here’s my take on the question, with news from Bungie about what they’re changing from the beta in response to such feedback.