Destiny 2’s Coldheart is an Exotic ‘trace rifle’ that’s available with pre-orders

Destiny 2 Coldheart

Activision and Bungie are keeping up the pace of Destiny 2 videos. The latest takes a look at Coldheart, a new Exotic weapon that sits in a category all on its own. 

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Made by the Omolon foundry, Coldheart is powered by an energy-laced liquid that also doubles up as coolant, feeding into the heart of the gun – do you see what Bungie did with the name there?

It’s the first and only trace rifle, firing a persistent beam that deals damage over time. You have to fight the recoil and keep it on target, cutting through your enemies with red-hot laser death.

Bungie say the gun has the potential to become a new archetype, but for now it’s the only one in existence. If you want it you have to pre-order. For everyone else, the gun won’t unlock in-game until December 5.

You can see it in action in the video above. If you want more, here are all the Destiny 2 Legendary weapons revealed so far.