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Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 is remembered in his favourite ramen shop

Destiny 2's Cayde-6 has been immortalised thanks to a portrait now hanging in his favourite ramen shop

Destiny 2 ace of spades

As the Destiny 2 community reels from the lost of the much-beloved Cayde-6, they can at least take solace in a memorial that’s cropped up to him in one of his favourite spots. Bungie has immortalised everyone’s favourite gunslinger in an in-game Ramen shop.

It might seem an odd place to memorialise a sentient robot from the future, but there’s a reason for Bungie’s decision. It all stems from a quest, one of the last to appear in Destiny 2 before Cayde-6’s death during the main campaign of the Forsaken expansion, which released last night. The quest, which is called ‘Cayde’s Spicy Ramen’, tasks players with heading to the Tower’s ramen shop and grabbing a coupon from the vendor there.

The coupon itself seems to be worthless – no-one has been able to turn it for anything since picking it up, and Bungie claims that there are no further steps to the quest. But what it does offer is a lore card, written by Cayde, and describing his love for the store’s ramen in extraordinary detail.

Clearly, in remembrance of what I like to imagine their best customer, the proprietor of the ramen shop has done their best to honour Cayde. As first spotted by redditor DrawingFaith, there’s a framed portrait of the Gunslinger hanging in the back of the shop. Even more devastatingly, Cayde’s pet chicken, Colonel, is said to be sitting in the exo’s favourite spot. I’m not crying, you are.