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Here’s how to trigger the heroic mode of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s public events

Our guide on how to trigger the heroic public events for Cryo-Pod and Ether Ritual in Destiny 2: Forsaken

With the release of the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Bungie has added two new Forsaken heroic public events to Tangled Shore, the Cryo-Pod and Ether Ritual. If you manage to complete these optional objectives, then you can get your hands on some of Destiny 2’s most impressive bonuses.

Public events are opportunities for players to work together to complete an objective, they cannot be tracked or fast travelled to and so can happen randomly. Public events were few and far between in the original Destiny so Bungie blessed us with more of them in Destiny 2 and even more in the expansions, with Forsaken being no exception.

Public events are now integral to the game, and Heroic events are their more difficult variants. They’re a great way to rake in the XP and rewards you need to unlock those new subclasses. This guide covers the Destiny 2 Forsaken public events that take place in Reef’s Tangled Shore: Cryo-Pod and Ether Ritual. Here’s how to activate the heroic versions of these two public events.

Cryo-Pod public event

First up is the Destiny 2 Cryo-Pod Escape public event. You’ll want to start by wiping out the enemies surrounding the pod, then the boss will burst out of the stasis chamber. You then need to attack the boss until he starts slamming the ground sending out blue waves, this should happen when he has lost around a third of his health. The ground slams cause steam to start coming out of the vents around the sides of the pod – destroy those vents.

You will then be able to see small, glowing orbs which you can throw at the boss, which will start to freeze him. You need to hit the boss with these orbs twice within a window of time, around ten to twenty seconds. Repeat this process with all the vents and the orbs then eventually the boss will freeze and you’ll get the Cryo Pod heroic.

Ether Ritual public event

Next is the Ether Ritual public event heroic. This event happens when the Scorn are attacking Servitors around Tangled Shore. Kill off the smaller enemies and then captains will start to spawn. Once you kill these captains the Servitors will start to emit white orbs of ether into the air. Once the enemies have been defeated these orbs will start floating towards the middle of the arena. Make sure you destroy all these white orbs, before they are absorbed in the centre. You need to do this for all three sides of the servitors. Once this is done, the event will trigger.

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