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Destiny 2: Forsaken - how to unlock new subclass trees and earn a Seed of Light

Get stuck into the new Destiny 2 Forsaken subclass trees with our guide to completing the New Powers milestone

Destiny 2 Forsaken subclass

Destiny 2: Forsaken is upon us, and while it doesn’t add any new classes to the game, there are a slew of Forsaken subclass trees to unlock that add new powers and supers to customise your character with. So, whether you run a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock, you should have plenty of new abilities to play with in Forsaken.

At the moment, we’ve only managed to unlock our first Forsaken subclass, but we will update this guide as soon as the process for unlocking subsequent subclasses becomes clear.

So, how do you unlock new subclass trees in the Forsaken expansion? You will need to do a fair amount of farming and then complete a relatively tough quest in order to get your hands on one of the new subclasses, so be prepared for a bit of a timesink.

Your first port of call will be completing the expansions opening mission, naturally. This will add a new milestone for you to track in the Director called New Powers, which asks you to collect 100 Visions of Light – this can be time-consuming if it’s all that you are focusing on, but you should be able to easily claim all 100 while playing through other parts of Forsaken.

Where to farm Visions of Light

If you are having trouble farming Visions of Light however, then here’s a little extra help. Visions of Light look like blue glowing feathers and you will receive an on-screen notification every time you pick one of these items up. You can farm these by cycling through public events, especially in the new Tangled Shore area. Visions of Light appear to drop from any enemy with a yellow bar, so the bosses that spawn with public events are a reliable source. Make sure to do a quick sweep of the event area to make sure you have collected every drop.

Visions of Light quest

Once you grab all 100 you’ll be notified in the Director, so be sure to keep checking it as it’s not the most obvious prompt. This will unlock a new Visions of Light mission on Io, so head there next.

Once you have landed you’ll be treated to some more story concerning The Traveler, and then you’ll spend the rest of your time slaying Taken – we’ll avoid getting into specifics in case you want to avoid spoilers.

Once you near the end of Visions of Light you will earn a Seed of Light, which is a very rare item that you can spend to unlock a new, third subclass tree. Simply jump into your classes menu once you have the Seed of Light and choose the subclass tree you want to unlock next. Choose carefully, though, as we’re still unsure of what the process is for unlocking a second Forsaken subclass tree and we wouldn’t want you start out with the wrong one. Check out our Destiny 2 class guide to help you choose between the new Forsaken subclass trees.

After you have made your choice you’ll get to have fun with some of your new powers, destroying Taken with an unlimited supply of energy – this will also help you progress to a few new levels of your chosen subclass tree.

That’s it, everything you need to do in order to unlock your first Forsaken subclass. As mentioned previously, we’re still in the process of earning a second Seed of Light, and we’ll update this guide as soon as we know, so stay tuned.