Destiny 2 Fortnite skins leak ahead of potential crossover event

Destiny 2 dataminer posts a screenshot of 3 new player skins strongly suggest a Destiny 2 Fortnite skins crossover event is in the works

Destiny 2 Fortnite Crossover Leaked Three New Fortnite Destiny Skins

Destiny 2 and Fortnite skins – not really something I’d put together in my head without prompting, but considering Epic Game’s behemoth has included everything from John Wick to Dragon Ball, I suppose nothing is off the table. Two separate leaks from data miners have pointed us in the direction of this crossover, although the extent of the potential event isn’t clear just yet.

Destiny 2 data miner Ginsor recently posted a screenshot to their Twitter account; it depicts a Warlock, a Titan, and everyone’s favourite, the Hunter, all clad in what looks to be Fortnite skins. For the uninitiated, the skins on show here look a lot like the Black Knight, Catalyst, and Omega skins from Fortnite, with an obvious Destiny 2 slant – got to keep that swashbuckling space adventurer spirit alive, you know?

The discussion below Ginsor’s tweet was an interesting mix of excitement and derision. It would appear that while Bungie and Epic are okay with mixing their games up, there isn’t much crossover with fans. Some users were afraid that their favourite Destiny characters, like Cayde-6, were forever going to be known as ‘that guy from Fortnite’ should he make an appearance.

Another user wondered just how far these Destiny events would go: “The Halo-themed stuff, and how it was introduced into the game, imo was great. I would hate for Bungie to just start adding random crossover armor with no lore implications. Fortnite? What’s next? Sonic? Pokémon?”

If you’re telling me you wouldn’t want to bounce around with your Sunshot dressed like Ash Ketchum then I guess we just can’t be friends. I realise now that I may fill a very small niche within the Destiny 2 community. I was half-hoping that the Destiny 2 Arc rework was going to be your character morphing into a Raichu – with electrifying results. Hello?

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