Destiny 2’s free weekend is now underway

destiny 2 free weekend

Destiny 2’s free weekend – this time on PC – is currently underway, so you’ve got a perfect opportunity to try ou Bungie’s loot shooter and find out if it’s for you. Or, if you prefer, speed through the campaign and fill up a lonely weekend. You know, whatever best suits you.

The event is already underway, and will last until July 8. You’ll have access to the full campaign, every mode, and every bit of gear in the base game. The only thing you’ll be missing out on is the expansion content, but otherwise it’s the full Destiny 2 experience. You can get in by installing the game on

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Naturally, any progress will carry over into the full game if you buy it, and it’s on sale for the event. The base game bundled with the expansion pass is $38.99, while the expansion pass alone is available for $19.94.

This promotion is distinct from the normal free trial  that you access at any time, which limits you to the early parts of the game with a light level cap. If you’ve created a character in the trial, it seems they’ll still be subject to that cap here – you’ll have to make an entirely new character to play all the content this weekend.

If you’re having trouble picking, check out our Destiny 2 class guide.

Some players have been having tech issues, with the ‘Saxophone’ error preventing them from logging in. Some folks on Reddit have had success by clearing cache files, or deleting the Destiny 2 executable and running’s checker on the installation.