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Here’s how to rebind even more keys in Destiny 2

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Rebinding your keys and mouse buttons is one of the basic features we expect in PC games, and Destiny 2 delivers. But there’s a way to further extend the rebinding options it gives you to enable new tricks, like using the mouse scroll to switch between kinetic and energy weapons, while using the middle mouse button for power weapons. This sounds great for the Crucible, in particular.

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It involves editing the cvars.xml file, which by default you’ll find in ‘C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\%appdata%\roaming\bungie\destinyPC\prefs’.

The tip comes via RealoFoxtrot on Reddit, whose post has some code that you can copy and paste to enable the functionality we describe above. He’s certain that doing so won’t get you banned, and a little keybinding certainly seems pretty harmless to us, but the posts from Bungie to which he links don’t mention it specifically, so proceed at your own risk, I guess.

I’ll be doing some experimenting tonight. How do you have your keys set up?