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You don’t need to own the Limited Edition to complete Destiny 2 anymore

Destiny 2’s triumph for owning the Limited Edition is gone

October 17, 2018 Destiny 2’s most controversial triumph is gone, but it may not be gone for good.

Destiny 2 got in-game achievements with the triumph system ahead of Forsaken, but the Limited Edition triumph has caused no end of controversy among fans. It requires you to own the Limited Edition of the game, and will continue sitting unfinished in your triumph list until you do – at least in theory. Today, that triumph is gone, but it may not be gone for good.

If you navigate to the triumph viewer and check out the Moments of Triumph subheader under the Account tab, you’ll find that the Limited Edition triumph is indeed gone. This particular subset of triumphs is supposed to be available in limited circumstances, with goals like completing content in Destiny 1. This was the only Moment of Triumph that had remained in the list whether you’d acquired it or not.

But you may not have it, even if you properly own the Destiny 2 Limited Edition. The triumph has been bugged from the start, with many players never receiving it – just check the Reddit thread. In the latest batch of known issues, Bungie says “we are investigating reports of players being unable to claim the ‘Limited Edition’ triumph.”

So the triumph may just be temporarily disabled while Bungie gets a fix out – though hopefully, that fix will keep it from continuing to appear incomplete in everybody’s triumph lists and save completionists some headaches. Either way, it’ll remain a 0 point item that offers no benefit aside from another tick on a checklist.

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