Destiny 2’s first Moments of Triumph kicks off with unique rewards

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For this year’s Bungie Day, the company announced Moments of Triumph have arrived for Destiny 2, giving players the chance to earn special rewards to mark the upcoming close of Destiny 2’s first year.

Moments of Triumph return from the original Destiny as a series of in-game achievements that work as a retrospective on the past year of the game. For Destiny 2, these include a lot of milestones that many players will already have passed, such as completing the base campaign, and the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLC campaigns. However, there are several achievements that won’t be completable until Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes event begins July 31.

Each individual ‘Triumph’ earns you points toward the next Moment of Triumph, which has an accompanying reward. These include an exclusive Legendary Ghost, a Legendary Sparrow, and a Moments of Triumph emblem reward for earning all 400 possible points in the event.

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There’s also the chance to earn the rights to wear a Moments of Triumph T-shirt, which will be available in the Bungie store for $24.99 USD during Solstice of Heroes once you’ve unlocked the reward. You’ll also have the option to add your Destiny 2 gamertag to the shirt for an extra $5.

You can start tracking your Moments of Triumph progress right now on Bungie’s official site(you’ll have to link your Blizzard account, if you haven’t already done so), which helpfully provides checklists for all the point-earning activities in the game. Several involve simply playing Destiny 2 the way you normally would, and many players will no doubt find that they’ve completed several Triumphs already. You’ll earn points for finishing the Calus Raid, reaching Vanguard Rank 50, by successfully making it through Tier 7 in an Escalation Protocol, and more.

Several Triumphs are still hidden and will be revealed once Solstice of Heroes kicks off. Moments of Triumph will serve as a way to finish out Destiny 2’s first year and get ready for Forsaken, which comes out September 4th. Check out the full Bungie blog post for additional details.

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