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Destiny 2 player count triples following Forsaken’s release

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Destiny 2: Forsaken is finally out, bringing the game’s first major expansion and shakeup. The response has been pretty positive, but how have player counts been affected? Very positively, it seems – we’re not quite back to launch numbers, but the stats have shot up dramatically in the past week or so.

Destiny Tracker reports 1.3 million Crucible players and 2.6 million PvE as of yesterday’s data. Those are daily users across all three platforms, though it only accounts for players the site itself tracks – which means the true stats are going to be higher. Even accounting for the split between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, those are impressive numbers, and big jump over a pretty short period of time.

Though the website pulled down its daily population tracker last year in favor of only showing current numbers on the front page, we can still get an idea of how the game’s come along thanks to snaphots on the Wayback Machine. The last copy of Destiny Tracker’s front page comes from August 28, with a count 462,000 Crucible players and 767,000 PvE players.

There was another big event for Destiny 2 during that timeframe, as the game went free for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’s difficult to say how much of the current jump is thanks to that promotion and how much is due to Forsaken’s launch, but there is one clue. Total tracked players went from 9.8 million to 10.5 million since August 28, so that’s about 700,000 new players. That doesn’t nearly account for the jump in daily players, so there are plenty of old Destiny hands returning to check out Forsaken.

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