Destiny 2’s new Prismatic Matrix system aims to make Eververse more generous

destiny 2 prismatic matrix

Destiny 2’s Eververse – the in-game store where you can spend real money – has been controversial since the game’s launch, and one of the chief complaints about the game’s direction among long-time players. Bungie have made various tweaks to the store over the past several months, and an even bigger change is set to happen with the launch of season 3.

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Warmind brings the Prismatic Matrix, a new way of acquiring seasonal Eververse items. The Matrix features a weekly rotation of 10 items from the current season. One activation gets you one item, which is then knocked off the list. That means no duplicates, and the no dupes rule extends to items acquired via Bright Engrams and Bright Dust.

You can take a turn on the Prismatic Matrix with a Prismatic Facet, a free item given on the first well-rested level up of the week, limited to one per week for each account. You can hold up to three Facets at once, letting you stock them on weeks where there’s nothing to your liking to have up to three chances at those items later on. You can, of course, also buy more activations for 200 Silver each.

Bright Engrams remain the same, as do Bright Dust purchases, though now Tess will have four more items available each week for a total of 18. Bungie say these changes are part of an effort to “Give players more control over how they earn Eververse items,” “offer a more predictable path each week that guarantees access to specific items,” and “drop fewer duplicate items.”

It’s not quite as clear and direct as some players might light, but it is an avenue to get more rewards for free without a risk of duplicates, which is certainly welcome. We’ll see how it all goes down when Warmind launches on May 8. If you’re still wanting to find out what the Destiny 2 talk is all about, you can do it very cheaply right now with the Humble Monthly bundle.

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