Did you pay $350 for Destiny 2’s rarest gun? It’s getting a clone next season

Redrix's Broadsword has everything that made Redrix's Claymore, Destiny 2's rarest gun, special

Destiny 2’s coming fourth season will introduce a weapon named Redrix’s Broadsword. Somewhat controversially, it has the same key pair of perks that define the present Redrix’s Claymore – a weapon so desirable and exclusive that some players have paid hundreds of dollars for other people to get it for them.

Redrix’s Claymore came to players’ attention at the start of season three for its unique perk, Desperado, which raises its fire rate when a second perk, Outlaw, is in effect. This theoretically gives it the highest DPS of any non-power weapon in the game, which gives it a certain lustre – though since Outlaw only triggers when you score a precision kill, it’s not overpowered all the time.

The Claymore’s desirability is further increased by its rarity. It’s a reward for hitting Glory rank three (Fabled) in the Crucible, which is no mean feat, and when Crucible rewards reset at the end of the season, it’ll be gone for good. This is what has led some players to pay up to $350 for account recovery services who will take on the grind.

Announced in Bungie’s latest weekly update, Redrix’s Broadsword is “a companion weapon to Redrix’s Claymore” with the same “fixed Outlaw and Desperado combination”. Bungie’s Kevin Yanes also confirms it’s the same damage archetype and equips in the same slot. This means the only real differences will be in its barrel and magazine perks, and since these will be randomised in Forsaken, some Broadsword drops might turn out to be better than the Claymore. The difference is likely to be marginal, but if Destiny 1 is any indicator, that won’t deter the hardcore community’s obsessive min-maxers.

But in a – let’s be honest – rare display of foresight, Bungie has announced rewards for those who grinded for the Claymore to compensate for diluting its distinctiveness. Claymore owners get an exclusive and otherwise unobtainable emblem with which to show off, and will be able to get a Broadsword on day one of season four without having to complete what is likely to be a lengthy quest. Some are contented by this, and though there is some salt on Reddit (example one and two), it’s pretty mild by Destiny standards.

Other highlights of the weekly update include an outline of rewards for Forsaken’s coming Gambit game mode (a new Infamy rep system with several gear tiers); some changes to Clans; and Scorched, the last Crucible Labs mode of year one. In short: everyone gets Scorch Cannons on spawn. Legitimately, that sounds awesome.

Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2: Forsaken so far. It’s due on September 4 – not long now – and we’ll be at Gamescom hunting for more news, so check back with us soon.