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Destiny 2 is $20 just six months after its release

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It’s been a pretty bumpy ride for Destiny 2 since its launch last September. Now the mythic sci-fi title has reached the bottom of the barrel, well the bargain barrel, and is on sale at Best Buy for $20 just six months after its release.


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That's an uncommonly steep discount for a triple-A game so soon after launch. No doubt part of the reason is a number of controversies, both big and small, which have alienated loyal players. 

Some of the biggest issues Destiny 2 has battled since its launch have included experience rigging, negative feedback for the Curse of Osiris DLC, and a disappointing Dawning seasonal event.

Guardians in Osiris's armour

However, as Yazz once said, “the only way is up.” Bungie are determined to claw back their players, and have outlined a number of encouraging changes inspired by community feedback.

Update 1.1.4 is due next week and will quicken the pace of the Crucible. For everything else they've got planned, check out our handy update tracker, for a full briefing on everything coming to the game out to this autumn, and beyond.

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BreakLegosaurus Avatar
1 Month ago

Don't fall for it, they planning to get you with over priced DLC :) Good old Destiny Tactics.