Here’s when you can get Destiny 2’s Gambit Prime armour bonuses

Season of the Drifter goes live today, bringing some changes to Forsaken's Gambit mode

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Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter begins today, and it’ll offer some pretty handy armour upgrades. One of the update’s biggest new additions is the arrival of Gambit Prime, an improved version of the much-lauded PvE/PvP hybrid mode that first appeared alongside the game’s Forsaken expansion.

As well as introducing a swap to a best of three format, Gambit Prime will now focus more on its specific roles. To catch you up, Reapers will clear waves of enemies, while Collectors will be kept busy gathering motes and blocking enemies. For PvP, you’ll need Invaders to attack your enemies, while Sentries will help keep you team safe.

Each of those classes will gets access to its own armour pieces which offer their own bonuses. Reaper armour, for example, will weaken high-value targets and reward you with special ammo for multi-kills. Sentries, however, will benefit from the ability to mark enemies, and buff their allies, while Invaders will get a damage bonus for killing guardians, and get improved overshields and more ammo during their invasions.

Server maintenance is currently underway, ahead of the Season of the Drifter release time. That’s currently set for 09:00 PST (17:00 GMT), and you should expect around 15 minutes of full downtime before that time.

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The update is the game’s first since Bungie split with Activision Blizzard – a move that reportedly cost them $164 million, and now sees Acti facing a class action lawsuit. Let’s hope it was all worth it, and that that turbulence hasn’t impacted too much on the update itself.