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You can speed-level your alts in Destiny 2 without leaving the menu

Using Destiny 2's Collections tab and the Vault, you can quickly raise your second and third characters to 580 power.

So you’ve sunk countless hours into Destiny 2, playing through the base campaign, running the weekly Nightfall, and clawing your way up toward 600 power in the time since Forsaken launched. The only problem is, if you’re anything like me, you’ve only focused on a single character class, and your raid group is looking for something a bit different.

It turns out you don’t need to spend nearly as much time getting your secondary characters ready for the new raid. A redditor named LeAlphaWolf has put together a quick and dirty guide for getting up to around power level 580, provided you’ve already done it with one character. You’ll still have to play through the campaigns, but the grind isn’t nearly as bad the second and third time through, and using the recently-introduced Collections tab makes the process even quicker.

LeAlphaWolf says the first step is to play through the vanilla and Forsaken Destiny 2 campaigns. This will take some time, but there’s no way around this part. Once you’re done, switch back to your high-level character and visit Xur – you’ll want to buy whatever exotic armor he’s offering for the character you’re working on leveling. Drop that into the Vault.

Now, trade your highest-level weapons and the exotic armor piece to your new character. LeAlphaWolf says you’ll want this character to be level 50, but some commenters in the thread have pointed out that it’s not strictly necessary – and this is the really smart bit.

Almost all Destiny 2 weapons have some level requirement, but not all of them – an SMG you pick up in one of the very first story missions on the EDZ, Adieu, can be purchased by your highest-level character and swapped over to your new one. It’s called Sorrow MG2, and you can find it on the last page of the submachine guns tab in Collections.

Reacquire the Sorrow MG2 with your top-level character and stick it in the Vault, and then pull it out with whoever you’re leveling up. Since there’s no level requirement to equip it, you can use it to blast through the campaign and increase your power level instantly. Once you’re leveled up enough, pull out that exotic armor you got from Xur for another power boost.

Once you’ve hit level 50, LeAlphaWolf says to open Collections (with your new character) and repeatedly buy the blue set of armor that’s available. It’ll scale with your current power level, and buying multiple pieces will have your power continuously increase.

It’ll take some time to get through the campaign, but once you’ve done that, using LeAlphaWolf’s Collections method will get you to around 577 power – which is enough to head into the new raid. At this point, knock out some ‘powerful gear’ milestones, or go raiding – the drops you get from those missions should be enough to get your new character at least to 580.

LeAlphaWolf says they’ve managed to raise two new characters to beyond 590 after spending about 15 hours or so on each character, but your mileage may vary – and using the Sorrow MG2 to scream through the campaigns will definitely help speed things up.