Destiny 2 players using their supers can be tracked via glowing footprints

The Hunter Arcstrider

If you ever played the first Destiny, you’ll know how much a Bladedancer’s super could ruin your day. This subclass could dive in and carve you up before you had a chance to react. When you’re doing the carving, it’s great. It felt a bit cheap when you were on the receiving end, though.

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Destiny 2 is attempting to balance these powers somewhat by allowing other players to track an enemy who’s roaming around with one active.

In the sequel, anyone who pops one off will leave a trail of glowing footprints, allowing you to predict where they’re going to end up, or even to track down and put a bullet or 20 into the back of their head.

This effect was noticed by a redditor called HypedUpNinja, via PCGamer. Here’s a GIF of it in action:

For a deeper look at the PvP action of Destiny 2’s Crucible, check out the video embedded at the top of the page.