Destiny 2’s turbine puzzle has already been made easier


The Destiny 2 console beta is over, and Bungie are hard at work implementing feedback. One part that seems to have stumped many players is the turbine puzzle at the end of the Homecoming mission. If you were among them, take heart – Bungie say it’s already been made easier, and that the change was implemented before the beta even launched.

What else lies in wait in Destiny 2’s story

The challenge is to shoot into and destroy three exhaust turbines while dodging two large spinning turbine blades – getting hit by either is instant death. Game director Luke Smith says he was “surprised” to see two spinning turbines in the beta, because Bungie have already removed one of them.

“There’s only one turbine spinning in the shipping game,” he said. “And I was surprised to see two of them… That’s a great example of something that we implemented, we found it to be too challenging – you know, especially for that opening sequence of the game – and in the shipping game, we’ve removed it.”

Smith was speaking to theNamek vs Saiyan podcast.

One of the spinning arms is already gone

Personally I didn’t think the turbines were too bad (hope that doesn’t come across as a brag), but it’s possibly a bit steep for a first mission, as Bungie seem to have concluded before the beta even launched. Debate on the subreddit has been heated – some players point out the challenge is trivial if you just run clockwise on the bottom level, while others found it difficult to work out where the exhaust turbines were.

The PC beta is in August, and will presumably feature a more up-to-date build of the game.