Rise of Iron’s social space is now a battlefield in Destiny 2’s PvP Crucible video

Destiny 2

Bungie have released a new video, giving us a tour of one of Destiny 2’s Crucible maps. Vostok, as the map is called, takes place on Felwinter Peak, a social space from one of the first game’s expansions. 

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The map takes place across the bridge from that social space and is dominated by a sniper tower overlooking one half of the map. There are flank routes and firing positions from which to lay down covering fire.

Vostok explains why players spotted something from Felwinter Park in a recent trailer. Instead of visiting it in the story, it seems like we’ll be shooting each other there instead.

As you can see from the flags, it’s a Control map, in which players have to, well, keep control of certain points. It’s also worth noting that the gun seen in most of the video could well be a new Exotic. Annoyingly he doesn’t mention it at all so we’re none the wiser, but we see him fire it a few times, so we can tell it’s a scout rifle at least.