Free Destiny 2: Warmind comic gives the scoop on what Ana Bray’s been up to

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Update, May 2: Need your Destiny lore fix? The Warmind comic is out now.

Bungie have started expanding on the lore of Destiny 2: Warmind ahead of the expansion’s release, busting out a series of Grimoire-like story updates and promising a new webcomic focused on the exploits of Ana Bray. You can now read that comic right here.

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Unsurprisingly, the 11-page comic is a pretty limited story, but it does provide some interesting answers about what Bray was doing during the time of the Red War. It’s also got an art style with a lot more personality and flair, pushing it well above the previous comics tying in with Osiris. But hey, you didn’t come here for a review of a free comic – check it out yourself.

Original story, May 1:Destiny 2’s Warmind expansionis set to launch in just over a week, and one of the big questions remaining is what the DLC will do for the state of the lore. We know the campaign will focus on Rasputin on Mars, held together by friendly character Ana Bray. Today Bungie have shed just a bit of light on what’s coming to the lore with Warmind.

One of the biggest new bits is another digital webcomic, appropriately titled Warmind. Written by Mark Waid and David Rodriguez and inked by Kris Anka – some names comic fans should be more than familiar with – the comic is due out this week. All we have so far is a cover, which shows a handful of shots of Ana Bray in action.

Bungie have also provided a handful of new Grimoire card-style weblore pieces, and rather than attempting to summarize I’ll just recommend that you read them yourself on There are two bits so far, and it seems the narrative team will continue to update with new stories as we go.

Story is one of many things fans have been disappointed with in Destiny 2, with the studio so far as to invite YouTubers to a story summit to help nail down the direction of the lore. We’ll find out how it affected the final product when Warmind launches May 8.

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