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Here’s where Xur is in Destiny 2 today, and what you should buy from him


Xûr is Destiny 2’s Exotic gear merchant. He appears every weekend to sell the game’s most coveted items in exchange for Legendary shards, but if you’re a casual player with limited shards to spend, it can be hard to know which of his wares is most worth your investment. That’s where we come in.

Xûr appears every Friday at 17:00 GMT (9:00 Pacific), and will stick around until the Tuesday reset. We’ll update this guide shortly after he arrives, so if you’re reading this, you need only read on to learn where he is, and which are the best items he’s selling this week. Ever since the Forsaken expansion, Xûr’s icon no longer appears on your director, so he’s not quite as easy to track down as he used to be. That said, his appearances in the EDZ, Titan, Nessus, Io, and The Tower have so far been in the same places he frequented in vanilla Destiny 2. So if you’ve been following Destiny 2 from the start, you should have no problem finding the merchant’s spots.

Xûr is back on Titan this week, at the Rig. He is selling:

  • Monte Carlo, an Exotic primary auto rifle, for 29 legendary shards
  • Orpheus Rig, Exotic Hunter leg armour, for 23 legendary shards
  • Actium War Rig,  Exotic Titan chest armour, for 23 legendary shards
  • Verity’s Brow, an Exotic Warlock helmet, for 23 legendary shards

Monty Carlo has the Monte Carlo Method perk, which lets damage from the weapon reduce your melee cooldown. That then synergizes with the Markov Chain trait, which gives you increased weapon damage and bonus after melee kills. It’s a fantastic pick that keep up a ridiculous amount of damage – well worth the shards.

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Once upon a time, Orpheus Rig was an autopick for Nightstalkers – and its legend continues. These boots will provide ability energy for every enemy tethered by your Shadowshot Super – so much energy, in fact, that they would often refill the Super meter, granting successive Shadowshots as long as you had eight or so enemies to snare (and you usually did). This in turn made Nightstalkers an autopick class for most PvE, as they could generate enough orbs to fill allies’ Super meters with ease. The Rig’s been up and down with nerfs over time, but are still well worthwhile.

Actium War Rig is a Titan chest piece that will feed ammo from your reserves into your magazine while firing an auto rifle. Effectively, it gives you a substantially bigger auto rifle magazine. All that extra uptime is helpful for many encounters in the raid – pair with Sweet Business and Rally Barricade for best results – and for hosing down enemies in PvE more generally. Like Knucklehead Radar, it’s hardly a flashy Exotic – it looks a bit bland, too – but it’s a good one. It’s one of three choices of Exotic armour offered to Titans during the main story, and probably the best of them. Recommended.

Verity’s Brow offers The Fourth Magic, which boosts grenade charges for both you and your allies. Great if you’re a team player, letting you and your pals grenade spam everything that stands in your way – but you probably already knew that. Verity’s Brow is your reward for completing the Warmind campaign, which makes it fairly redundant as a Xur purchase if you’re current on even the most basic content.

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