Destiny 2 causes a record-breaking price spike for WoW Tokens

WoW Token

Following the announcement that Destiny 2 will be the first non-Blizzard game to appear on, prices for WoW Tokens reached an all-time high in both Europe and North America. The last time there was such a noticeable surge in price was after Blizzard announced that players could swap WoW Tokens for balance.

Here’s everything we currently know about Destiny 2.

Similar to Eve Online’s PLEX system, WoW Tokens are a special premium currency that World of Warcraft players can use to either extend their in-game subscription or sell for gold on the in-game Auction House. It can also be swapped for credit on your balance, which can be used to buy digital games and select digital items like World of Warcraft mounts. As Destiny 2 will be on, you’ll naturally be able to cash in some WoW Tokens to pay for your copy of the shooter.

Seeing as these Tokens can be bought and sold for in-game gold, their price naturally fluctuates based on outside factors like a WoW expansion being announced or as in the case with Destiny 2, a new game coming to Upon the news from Blizzard, prices for WoW Tokens spiked with it costing 230,000 gold for one in Europe and 140,000 gold for one in North America. Prices have since eased since the announcement, but I can imagine some lucky traders made a pretty digital penny if they were quick.

Just for reference, it costs $20/£15 to buy a single WoW Token from the in-game shop, with it then being redeemable for $15/£9.99 of balance. No-one exactly became the digital Wolf of Wall Street from this spike, but it may have raised enough gold to purchase some more WoW Tokens, which could then be used to finance a copy of Destiny 2.

For full details on how WoW Tokens work, check out this handy info page courtesy of WoWToken.

Cheers IcyVeins.