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Xur is finally going to sell Forsaken Exotics in Destiny 2

At last, the prayers of Destiny 2 players have been answered

Every week, I help bring the news of what gear Xur is hawking in Destiny 2. And every week, I see all the comments from players disappointed that the vendor is, once again, selling the same old Exotics we’ve been seeing week in, and week out. Well, there’s finally good news – Xur will start selling Forsaken Exotics next week.

Or rather, he’ll be updated so that he can sell Forsaken Exotics. As noted by Bungie on Reddit, he’s “still the snake-faced bastard you remember from Destiny 1. He’ll still have a rotation of items from various releases, meaning he won’t always sell a Forsaken Exotic.” That means he’ll only have a chance of selling Forsaken stuff in the next rotation – but if there were ever a time for Bungie to directly toy with his offerings, this is it.

On a side note, the same comment confirms Fated Engrams will not have Forsaken Exotics after this update, but that “will be looked at” for a future release. The team behind Xur “is also looking at the perks that can roll on armor pieces, to make his weekly stock a bit more exciting.”

There’s plenty of stuff coming in the Season of the Drifter, but perhaps there’s nothing quite so exciting as this.

Today has also brought an idea of what it cost to bring Destiny back to Bungie, and maybe it’s appropriate that Xur is only free to sell Forsaken gear now that the studio is celebrating.

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Destiny 2 updates will continue apace through the end of the current annual pass, but we won’t know what an independent Bungie’s vision for the series truly is until some time from now. Until then, at least Xur’s got our backs – occasionally, anyway.