Where to find Destiny 2 Entropic Shards

These tiny pyramids can be tricky to find, but they're worth the look


Destiny 2 Entropic Shards are tiny, pyramid-like structures that you can find floating around Europa while you’re out on patrol. While they may appear somewhat random at first, they do have various uses and can help you towards completing various quests.

One of the first quests you’ll likely come across that require Entropic Shards is Aspect of Control. It comes from the Exo Stranger, and part of it involves finding five Entropic Shards around the map. It sounds simple enough, but we’re not given any indication on the map as to where they all are, so it requires some noodling around. Finding the shards will also help you towards completing various triumphs, so there are other uses for them, too.

Once you do find them, though, you’ll need to shoot them for the game to register that you’ve found one. This does mean that the shards can be placed in random locations in the sky, so you’ll need to have a good look around each room to find them. So, without further ado, here are where you can find Entropic Shards in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Entropic Shards locations

  • Asteron Abyss – head to the mini-boss in the Concealed Void lost sector and look around the illuminated part of the ceiling
  • Asterion Abyss – on top of the Vex Architecture near where you start the Glassway strike
  • Cadmus Ridge – over on the left side of the map outside Bray Exoscience
  • Kell’s Rising – behind the stairs in the final platform of the city room
  • RIIS Reborn Approach – you can find one on top of the second boost lift behind some stairs
  • Technocrats Iron – continue until you reach a room with mechanical pillars, it can be found suspended in the air to the right of the room
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And there you have it, Entropic Shards. If you’d like some more visual information, I’d recommend checking out Tlomz27’s post on Reddit. You can watch the above video from The Mango Farmers, too. There’s more of them to find, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update this guide when we find more. In the meantime check out our guide on the Beyond Light raid and all the Exotics in Beyond Light.

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