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All Destiny 2 error codes and how to fix them

Even the most powerful build won’t be able to save you from the wrath of Destiny 2 error codes, here are the most frequent, and how to fix them.

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What do the Destiny 2 error codes mean? Occasionally, you’ll encounter Destiny 2 error codes when trying to log on to the game. These error codes signify technical issues preventing you from accessing your character and entering the Tower. They’re given cute names by Bungie such as cat, chicken, or the everpresent cabbage. Behind those cute names, however, lurks the real reason you can’t frolic around, blasting enemies with your friends.

Like many MMO games, Destiny 2 has its fair share of issues, ranging from simple maintenance downtime to a member of your party being wildly behind on their updates. Some of these issues are fixable on your end, and some aren’t, so to get you out and about in the free PC game, here are all the Destiny 2 error codes and how to fix them.

These are all of the Destiny 2 error codes:

Error code anteater

Error code anteater is a general networking error. Bungie does track these errors as and when they occur but offers no real home solution other than to restart the game and try again.

Error code baboon

Error code baboon is caused by a failure to connect to another user’s PC/console. It can be due to poor connection quality, so ensure that your home network equipment is set up correctly, and is free of faults.

Error code bean

If you get error code bean it means that the game attempted to launch certain activities with more than six people. Relaunching the same activity with an appropriate number of players will resolve the issue.

Error code beaver

Error code beaver is caused by a failure to connect to another user’s PC/console. It can be due to poor connection quality, so ensure that your home network equipment is set up correctly, and is free of faults.

Error code bee

Error code bee is caused by an interruption in your connection, and can be caused by general internet congestion, a lack of bandwidth in your home connection, or even a potential failure in your home network. If you share your home connection with others, ensure that no file-sharing, or excessive streaming is taking place that may be taking up too much bandwidth.

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Error code boar

If your network connection is interrupted for any reason, it may result in error code boar. If you get error code boar with regularity, and are using a wireless internet connection, it may be worth using an ethernet cable.

Error code broccoli

If you get error code broccoli when launching Destiny 2, it means that the game cannot detect your graphics card (GPU). While this may indicate a hardware failure, the more likely reason is a driver crash, so restart your PC, and then ensure that drivers are up to date.

Error code cabbage

You may get error code cabbage if your router is blocking information from the Destiny 2 servers. This can be something as simple as your firewall not allowing Destiny 2 access to your network. A solution is to create a new firewall level in your router settings specifically for Destiny 2.

Error code calabrese

If the calabrese error code appears on your screen, it means that you’re having difficulty connecting to the Bungie servers, usually due to testing or maintenance on the developer’s end.

Error code cat

Error code cat occurs when you’re in-game and Bungie releases a patch or a hotfix. To fix the cat error code, simply close the game, perform the update, and relaunch.

Error code centipede

You may run into error code centipede if you lose connection to your network, or if your NAT type is too strict. Bungie has a network troubleshooting guide if you need assistance in changing your NAT type.

Error code chicken

If you get error code chicken, it means that you have no internet connection. This could be an issue with your router, or it could be that your internet service provider (ISP) is currently experiencing issues. Ensure that your home equipment is functioning correctly, and contact your ISP if issues persist.

Error code chickpea

If you experience error code chickpea while in the game, it means that a player in your fireteam disabled crossplay while you were in an activity. If you want to play with your console friends, they’ll need to re-enable the crossplay functionality in the settings menu.

Error code endive

Error code endive signifies that the Destiny 2 servers are down for maintenance. You’ll have to wait this one out and keep your eye on the server status.

Error code honeydew

Error code honeydew indicates that Destiny 2 is experiencing a high volume of players, resulting in connectivity issues server-side. This will generally occur when there is a new expansion or major update. Expect to see a honeydew error code when the Lightfall release date is upon us.

Error code marionberry

If marionberry appears on your screen, it indicates an issue with your network. Marionberry will usually show after a Wi-Fi blip, or when network or parental control settings have been changed. If you believe this to be a network issue, reset your router by powering it off, and then on again.

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Error code marmot

If you get error code marmot, it means that the Destiny 2 game files have been corrupted and need to be repaired. This Bungie help doc gives you information on how to repair your game files on every supported platform.

Error code moose

Error code moose is disconcertingly vague. According to Bungie, moose is a ‘general networking error’. Restart your game, and your PC, and try again.

Error code olive

Another vague one; error code olive occurs randomly during an activity when Bungie is performing tests. Their advice is to simply retry the activity and resume what you were doing before the error.

Error code plum

Getting error code plum means that Battleye has detected an issue with your computer that may violate Bungie’s terms of service. It is suggested that you update to the latest version of Windows and try again.

Error code pluot

To play Destiny 2, you need to have Battleye both installed, and running. If you get the pluot error code, it means that you don’t have Battleye running when Destiny 2 is active. Repair the game files if you have accidentally uninstalled Battleye.

Error code sheep

If you’re presented with error code sheep, it indicates that there is a player in your fireteam who hasn’t updated to the latest version of Destiny 2. They need to close and restart Destiny 2 to initiate the update.

Error code stingray

Error code stingray appears when the player is not signed in with their platform account, or when their platform service is undergoing maintenance. Ensure you’re signed into your platform account (I.e. Steam) and check to see whether your platform has any scheduled maintenance.

Error code urchin

Error code urchin can appear when you are unable to launch into or complete an activity. According to Bungie, there are two main reasons for this: you have a restriction on your account (see the account restrictions page for more information), or you are attempting to play the Cocoon mission from Season of the Lost with a full inventory.

Error code weasel

Error code weasel is, in Bungie’s words, an ‘all-encompassing’ error message that usually means you’re experiencing a general network issue. It can also indicate an account ban if you were in the middle of an activity when the ban occurred, although this appears to be a rare occurrence.

Now you know about Destiny 2 error codes, you shouldn’t have any issues getting in and perfecting the best Destiny 2 builds. Don’t forget, you can also grind daily legendary lost sectors for some of the best exotics, it looks like you’re going to need all the help you can get when it comes to taking on the Shadow Legion.