How to start the Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth

If you're looking for a challenge, why not take on the Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth mission for some loot, and a good time with friends.

The Destiny 2 Expunge Labyrinth mission requires you to delve into the Vex Network and complete some basic puzzles, working your way toward a Vex boss fight. Although successfully completing this mission won’t grant you a shiny new Exotic, it is tied to the main Season of the Splicer storyline.

The recommended power level is 1290 meaning that it isn’t overly challenging, unlike the relaunch of the Vault of Glass raid. For the more daring there’s a seasonal challenge, Expedited Expunge, which you have to complete this mission in less than ten minutes. This is also one of the missions where Splicer Gauntlet upgrades come in handy to traverse tricky floating platforms and present shortcuts to you and your team. We recommend taking on the Expunge Labyrinth with friends, but it’s still a fun solo challenge in the free PC game. Here’s how to start the weekly Expunge mission in Destiny 2.

How to start Expunge Labyrinth in Destiny 2

Firstly, you need to have completed parts I and II from the Path of the Splicer questline, you’ll then want to head to H.E.L.M, specifically the Splicer Servitor location. Chat to Mithrax to trigger the third part, Path of the Splicer III, which will lead you to the Tangled Shore.

Alongside the new Pinnacle mission, is the weekly Override, also accessed from the H.E.L.M, which you’ll need to complete to unlock Expunge. You’ll need one available key code using your Splicer Gauntlet, which you’ll need to open a Conflux Chest at the end.

Upon returning to Mithrax, he’ll reveal the location and grant you access to the Expunge Labyrinth.

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