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Get spooky with the trailer for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s Festival of the Lost

Destiny's annual Halloween event starts tomorrow

The moon may be under threat, but that’s no excuse to miss All Hallow’s Eve. In a new trailer for 2019’s Festival of the Lost, Guardians are asked to don costumes and dance in the latest iteration of the annual event for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

The video includes a cinematic look at all the creepy festivities, coming as of tomorrow, October 29. There’s neon costumes, masks, candy, dancing, and people riding witch’s brooms over a bright silver moon. So, everything you need for a good Halloween, then. A voice-over tells players to “have fun, my love” and says that if you haven’t paid Eris a visit lately, you should probably do that.

A special gun is shown, the Braytech Werewolf, which can be wielded at minimum 950 power. Some enemy encounters can be seen, from a bigger boss battle to some smaller, regular creatures, all with a ghostly spin in-keeping with the theme. Amid all of this, three neon-coloured Guardians do a lot of dancing to the funky EDM beats.

Festival of the Lost was introduced in the first Destiny back in 2015, then brought back for 2016 before taking a break for 2017 and coming to Destiny 2in 2018. The event typically involves a new questline or two, and some additional siqe-quests, like clearing monsters out of a certain area. Masks, emblems, and a new weapon can be earned.

No end-date has been given, but the festival generally lasts for two-to-three weeks, so expect this to go on until mid-November or so. If you want in but haven’t given Destiny 2: Shadowkeep much time yet, we have guides on leveling, and all the exotics.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Festival of the Lost begins October 29.