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The Destiny 2 Pumpkin Festival arrives a month early this year

Festival of the Lost will run through October so it's all wrapped up when New Light arrives November 10

Destiny 2‘s annual Halloween celebration, the Festival of the Lost, is kicking off a bit early this year. That’s to clear the schedule for the arrival of New Light, which has been delayed to November 10. Thus, this year the Festival of the Lost begins October 6 and runs through November 3, a week before the co-op game‘s expansion is due to appear on hard drives across the solar system.

This year, we’ll be heading back into the Haunted Forest from 2018’s Festival of the Lost. It’s a rework of the Infinite Forest you may recall from the Curse of Osiris DLC, and the idea is to kill as many enemies as possible in 15 minutes, or until you reach a 100% ‘cleared’ status. You’ll find a Haunted Forest node on the Tower map, and from there you can select from either standard, match-made Haunted Forest or ‘Firewalled’ Haunted Forest, which lets you jump in either solo or with a fireteam.

Inside, as you’re blasting away at monsters, you’ll want to collect Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. Take these to Eva Levante in the courtyard to redeem them for festival rewards.

You’ll earn special rewards if you “show off the spirit of the season,” which means wearing a mask. If you earned masks during either the 2018 or 2019 Festival of the Lost, those work – but you can also purchase new ones from Eva using those Chocolate Strange Coins you pick up in the Haunted Forest activity.

This year you can pick from a Fractured Traveler mask, a Variks mask, an Exo Stranger mask, an Ana Bray mask, a Wrapped Traveler mask (it’s the Traveler, but wrapped like a mummy), and a Bubbling mask, which looks like a papercraft witch’s cauldron.

All of these masks must be equipped as an ornament on the Masquerader’s Helmet armour piece, and you can earn some special rewards (like a mummified ghost shell or sparrow) if you wear it during the Haunted Forest activity.

There are also Festival of the Lost armour mods, and these include Higher Purpose, Vampiric Touch, and Energetic Assassin.

You can read more about the festival over at Bungie’s site. There’s a full list of mod bonuses, special Festival of the Lost triumphs to pursue, and the special gear you can find in Haunted Forest caches.