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Destiny 2 laser threat videos show how frame rates impact gameplay

Destiny 2 laser threat videos posted on Reddit show a clear difference in how long it takes for them to vaporise the player when set at different frame rates

Destiny 2 laser threat videos show how frame rates impact gameplay: A Guardian about to get vaporized in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph.

Destiny 2 laser threat videos posted on Reddit show how much of an impact frame rate can have on the game. The videos offer a side-by-side comparison of how changes in frame rate caps can impact the time players can withstand the focused laser beam before it vaporises them. Though Destiny 2 remains one of the best free PC games available, the video makes it clear that significant technical issues are impacting the five-year-old game.

In the videos, viewers can see that the Guardian in the one listed as 144 frames per second can withstand the laser far less time than the character playing at 30 frames per second.

While this issue is by no means game-breaking in Destiny 2, high frame rates appear to be a disadvantage in activities that trigger the laser threat detection mechanic players encounter repeatedly throughout Destiny 2 season 19. However, many would argue that higher frame rates are still overall advantageous due to their ability to allow players to react more quickly.

Regardless, the videos illustrate challenges with providing consistent game experiences irrespective of the hardware a person uses.

The videos clearly illustrate something some Destiny 2 players have known for some time. Players who use higher frame rates will take more damage than their lower-frame rate counterparts, a fact confirmed in a video on the topic from Aztecross. In the video, he shows how a player could not withstand an enemy shot when playing at 144 frames per second but was able to do so upon lowering the frame rate to 120. A difference of only 24 frames significantly impacted the damage a Guardian could take. So, players can imagine how significant the differences between 144 frames per second and something as low as 30 frames per second might be.

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Nex-gen consoles typically have frame rate caps of 120, but many console players still play the best FPS games on older consoles, many of which cap frame rates at 60 frames per second. In some instances, players may be taking less damage from the same activities. The differences seem to generally be limited to PvE activities such as Nightfall strikes and raids, with no obvious impact on PvP activities such as Crucible or Destiny 2 Iron Banner.

It appears to be a complicated issue with no simple fix and may be related to the game’s architecture or engine. An unconfirmed Destiny 2 leak suggested Bungie may have set aside time to overhaul its developer tools after its final release in the game’s storyline, which is set to be called The Final Shape and will be out in 2024. However, with several years of Destiny 2 ahead, Guardians can remain hopeful that Bungie will integrate some frame rate fixes before the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date and Destiny 2 Strand subclass launch, arriving in February.