Destiny 2 Legacy Focusing announced, loot pool rotation update coming

In this week's TWAB, Bungie teased Destiny 2 Legacy Focusing and shared which six weapons the team will remove from the loot pool at the end of the season

Destiny 2 Legacy Focusing announced, loot pool update coming: A Guardian stands in battle during Destiny 2's seasonal activity.

Destiny 2 Legacy Focusing is coming to the space FPS game, Bungie teased via its blog in its This Week at Bungie round-up. The team also shared forthcoming updates to Destiny 2’s loot pool rotation, including the temporary removal of some popular weapons, while also acknowledging issues with the launch of its ongoing Festival of the Lost event.

Although the team didn’t share details about how Legacy Focusing would work in the space game, Bungie will introduce the feature with the start of Season 20. Season 20 launches alongside the game’s highly-anticipated Lightfall expansion on February 28, 2023.

The option to focus weapons and armour has been part of Destiny 2 buildcrafting for some time. At present, players can collect Umbral Engrams from world activities, which they can then focus into weapons and armour. Focusing allows players to craft armour or weapons with an emphasis on specific items and traits, such as armour with a focus on discipline or a gun from the Suros family of weapons. Therefore, it seems logical that Legacy Focusing will allow players to focus their weapons and gear into items that are otherwise no longer possible to get in the game.

The team also announced it would remove several weapons from its Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris, and Nightfall loot pools for the upcoming season, just as it has in past seasons.

For the upcoming season, which begins December 6, Bungie will cycle out the Forge’s Pledge pulse rifle (Iron Banner), Riiswalker shotgun (Iron Banner), Aisha’s Embrace scout rifle (Trials of Osiris), Reed’s Regret linear fusion rifle (Trials of Osiris), Silicon Neuroma sniper rifle (Nightfall), and Duty Bound auto rifle (Nightfall).

Bungie also acknowledged several glitches and player concerns over its currently-ongoing Festival of the Lost event. Some of these include a glitch where bounties weren’t rewarding the proper amount of Bright Dust, players reporting an inability to turn Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages as required to progress the event questline, shader texture issues, weapon reward sources not properly dropping the seasonal weapons, and more.

The team also announced a fan competition, calling on the community to share its Festival of the Lost-themed art in various formats. Bungie will select certain pieces for rewards, which include a cosmetic with the seasonal Hallowed Coronation emblem. Players interested in participating should share their art while being sure to mention the official Destiny 2 Twitter account. Additionally, those sharing art and movies should use the hashtags #AOTW (art of the week) or #MOTW (movie of the week), pumpkin carvers can use #FotLPumpkin, and spooky-dressed Guardians can show off their frightening fashion with #ThreadsofFright.

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