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Destiny 2 Lightfall Content Vault reveals everything leaving in year 6

As Destiny 2 Lightfall arrives, Bungie announces the Destiny Content Vault for the expansion, as Destiny 2 year 6 and season 20 begin in the space FPS game.

Destiny 2 Lightfall content vault - Mithrax, a Fallen captain who leads the friendly House of Light

With the Destiny Lightfall expansion just weeks away now, Bungie has announced the Destiny 2 year 6 Content Vault, revealing everything leaving in season 20 of its space FPS game. In an attempt to keep activities busy and prevent overloading players with too many active destinations at once, Bungie cycles certain older destinations and content out of Destiny 2 each year, though emphasises that these can always return in future updates.

The destinations leaving when Lightfall and Destiny 2 season 20 release are the H.E.L.M. wings for the Crown of Sorrow and Rasputin Exo Frame, the Psisorium, the Warmind Launch Facility, the Derelict Leviathan, and the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City. Of these, I’m most sad to see the Eliksni Quarter will no longer be accessible – fixing it up to make a home for the Fallen House of Light was a special moment, so I’m sad it’s out of mind for now. Hopefully we’ll get to see it again one day, all built-up and bustling.

The four seasonal campaigns from Destiny 2 year 5 are going away – that’s the Seasons of the Risen, the Haunted, Plunder, and the Seraph, for those of you keeping count. We’re also losing a range of activities including Nightmare Containment, Ketchcrash, and a number of expeditions and hideouts. Once the update lands on February 28, these campaigns and activities will be removed from your inventory and unavailable to access in-game, so make sure you’ve cleared up anything left over before then.

Also going away are several Exotic quests, although Bungie notes that in certain circumstances their associated Destiny 2 Exotics may continue to be earnable in-game via other means. Associated items, quests, and currencies will all be removed from player inventories as well – however, destination materials will simply become unusable and must instead be manually discarded from players’ inventories.

Destiny 2 Lightfall - a figure in a blindfold holding glowing green 'Strand' energy

Destiny Content Vault Year 6 – everything leaving in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Here’s the full list of everything leaving when Destiny 2 Lightfall arrives and season 20 begins on February 28, 2023:


  • H.E.L.M. Wing for the Crown of Sorrow
  • H.E.L.M. Wing for the Rasputin Exo Frame
  • Psisorium
  • Warmind Launch Facility
  • Derelict Leviathan
  • Last City: Eliksni Quarter

Campaigns and Seasonal Narratives

  • Season of the Risen
  • Season of the Haunted
  • Season of Plunder
  • Season of the Seraph


  • Nightmare Containment
  • Ketchcrash
  • Expeditions
  • Hideouts: The Brute, The Sharpshooter, The Blademasters, The Beast Tamer, The Bully, The Coward, The Scrapworker, The Lucent Brood
  • Sever Missions: Shame, Reconciliation, Grief, Forgiveness, Rage, Resolve
  • Vox Obscura
  • Operation: Seraph’s Shield
  • Operation Missions: Operation Diocles, Operation Archimedes, Operation Son of Saturn, Operation Sancus

Exotic Quests

Quest Reward

  • High Alert: Anomaly Detected – Trauermarsch Sparrow
  • Kill The Messenger – Dead Messenger
  • The Hidden Shape – Revision Zero

Activity Reward

  • Vox Obscura – Ivory Empress Sparrow

Completion Drop

  • Reach rank 16 Star Chart and complete all Cryptic Quatrains quests – Charge of Light Sparrow
  • A Rising Tide – Swashbuckler Shell

Triumph Reward

  • Applied Psychotronics – Sovereign Order Ship
  • Code Breaker – Coalition Shell
  • #1 Fan – Eidolon Shell
  • With Full Sails – Generation’s Shadow Ship
  • Severance – Tymbal Lucidae Ship
  • Rebuilding Rasputin – Warsat Shell


  • Spider (Eliksni Quarter)
  • Crown of Sorrow (H.E.L.M.)
  • Star Chart (H.E.L.M.)
  • Exo Frame (H.E.L.M.)

Destiny 2 Lightfall - The Witness looks out over a map of the Destiny 2 solar system

Items being deprecated at the start of Destiny 2 year 6

These are all the items, quests, and currencies that will be automatically removed from player inventories when year six begins on February 28, 2023:

  • All bounties, missions, and quests from the Season of the Risen, Season of the Haunted, Season of Plunder, and Season of the Seraph
  • All Ritual and Pinnacle weapon quests and ornaments (the gear will become available in the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic archive)
  • Psychogenic Intel
  • Risen Umbral Energy
  • Insight
  • Synaptic Spear
  • Nightmare Harvester
  • Vestiges of Dread
  • Figments of Darkness
  • Opulent Umbral Energy
  • Opulent Keys
  • Captain’s Atlas
  • Small, Medium, and Large Treasure Beacons
  • Treasure Maps
  • Crude Cipher
  • Crude Cipher Fragment
  • Map Fragments
  • Repute
  • Plundered Umbral Energy
  • Treasure Coordinates
  • Seraph Cipher
  • Exo Frame Module
  • Seraph Key Codes
  • Resonance Amp
  • Resonate Stems
  • Seraphic Umbral Energy
  • Destination Materials (These will be deprecated and must be manually discarded from player’s inventories)

Lightfall is set to introduce the new Destiny 2 Strand subclass, which promises to be an exciting shake-up to all three of the Destiny 2 classes, along with lots of new Destiny 2 Lightfall exotics. Make sure you’re ready to head into the coming expansion with the best Destiny 2 builds, and stay tuned to PCGamesN for more details about Lightfall as and when we get them.