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Bungie addresses Destiny 2 Lightfall launch issues as players surge

Destiny 2 Lightfall launch issues may have given the DLC a rocky start, but that didn't stop players from jumping in to play the FPS game's newest content.

Destiny 2 sets Steam player record despite Lightfall launch issues: Amanda Holiday looks with concern.

Developer Bungie has acknowledged a number of Destiny 2 Lightfall launch issues, perhaps caused in part by the Destiny 2 player count surging to its all-time Steam peak as players rush to enjoy day-one content in the FPS game‘s newest DLC.

Today marks Destiny 2‘s highly-anticipated annual release and the launch of Destiny 2 season 20, the Season of Defiance. So far, more than 316,000 Guardians have tuned in to play, but there have been a number of reported issues. Destiny 2 players are no strangers to problems at launch, as annual releases typically lead to server overload issues and glitches. Although there appears to have been some Destiny 2 server throttling, it appears most players who have purchased the Lighfall expansion can now successfully load into the FPS game.

With so many Guardians working their way through the Lightfall campaign and exploring the game’s new systems, such as Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks and loadouts, there are bound to be some issues. The official Bungie Help Twitter account noted a number of reported occurrences, which include the following:

  • Solo Legendary Lost Sectors Guardian Rank objective can be completed with Master and Legendary Lost Sectors.
  • Players starting at Guardian Rank 6 will not earn Vanguard Lore Books 1 to 6 and only receive Vanguard Lore Book 7.
  • The Guardian Ranks seasonal reset text needs to be corrected. Guardian Ranks 7 through 11 are advance ranks. Those at these ranks will reset to rank six at the season’s end.
  • “Ascendant Scepter Mods” Triumph from Season of Defiance is impossible to complete.
  • If the player equips Strand shackle grenade, Swarmers Warlock Exotic Legs do not create Threadlings when a Tangle is thrown.
    Shielded Foes modifier shows a placeholder icon.
  • Quicksilver Storm Exotic auto rifle and Touch of Malice Exotic scout rifle have lost 40% damage increase against red bar enemies.

The release also introduces the penultimate season in the showdown of the Light versus Darkness story within the Destiny universe. So it’s no wonder players are so eager to play that the game has surpassed its all-time peak player count on Steam. The launch also officially introduces the Destiny 2 Strand subclass, which Bungie has been teasing in promotional materials since the beginning of Destiny 2 season 18.

Despite the teething problems it appears that Lightfall is a huge success if player count is any metric. If you’re having trouble launching Destiny 2 or are waiting to pull the trigger on the DLC, check out some of the other best space games on PC in the meantime.