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Destiny 2 Lightfall launch trailer reveals the Traveler’s true power

A new Destiny 2 Lightfall launch trailer puts the Vanguard's standoff against the Witness front and centre while revealing the Traveler's true power.

Destiny 2 Lightfall launch trailer reveals the Traveler's true power: A Cloudstrider fights in Neomuna.

A new Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer shows how the FPS game‘s Year 6 story will unfold, showing the Vanguard’s willingness to stand up against the game’s biggest villain yet. A slowed-down cover of Radiohead’s “Karma Police” plays the background of an action-packed trailer that introduces the Cloudstriders, the city of Neomuna, and the Destiny 2 Strand subclass into a compelling narrative that players will see in full force as of the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date.

Early in the trailer, Guardians see the shattering of glass, which is symbolic of something that’s unclear at the moment and appears in much of recent narrative promotional material surrounding Lightfall.

The Witness, whom Commander Zavala calls “the malefactor of our first collapse,” makes its first appearance among humanity and its allies.

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“You have no purpose because you fear to seek one,” The Witness’s spine-chilling voice echoes in the backdrop.

“We know pain,” the Witness also says. “Our purpose is its end.”

As a paracausal entity, The Witness’s desires are becoming clearer as Lightfall draws nearer. The entity believes that the only true end to suffering is the absence of life and appears on a mission to end it all.

Players also get to finally see The Traveler in action. In the trailer, it shoots out a beam of light which has some effect on the pyramids of the Black Fleet. We only get a brief glimpse, and it’s hard to be certain that it isn’t simply destroying the ships, but it also looks like it could be causing red vegetation to sprout and grow. Either way, we’ve never seen the Traveler do this before – this is our first look at its true power. If it is creating life – which would align with the power of resurrection it has granted to the Guardians – that would further cement its position as an opposing force to The Witness’s vision of a universe without life. The Great Machine initially used its power to terraform planets to bring humanity into its Golden Age by helping it expand across the solar system. This imagery is therefore indicates that the Traveler is fully ready to face what comes next, after taking very little physical action throughout the entirety of the Destiny franchise’s history.

Destiny 2 Lightfall launch trailer reveals the Traveler's true power: The Traveler shoots a terraforming beam.

Another powerful image shows The Witness standing in front of pyramids surrounding the Traveler, making a shape resembling Sagira, the Ghost who sacrificed herself to save her Guardian, Osiris. This ominous imagery could mean there’s some relationship between The Witness and Osiris. Recall that Osiris was awakened from his slumber by a tea made from the Relics of Nezarec, who was a disciple of The Witness.

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