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Destiny 2 Lightfall’s new loadouts won’t return gear to your vault

Destiny 2 Lightfall loadouts are a hugely welcome addition to the Bungie FPS game, but they come with one big drawback as gear won’t be put back in your vault.

The ability to change out your Destiny 2 loadouts is probably one of the most exciting additions coming alongside the Lightfall expansion, but it’s not without its drawbacks. As it outlines major updates to one of the best FPS games on PC, Bungie reveals that, while players will be able to swap out their Destiny 2 gear on the fly, you’ll still have to do some manual management to keep your inventory from overflowing.

The new loadouts feature lets you quickly change between your best Destiny 2 builds with the press of a button. You can save multiple armour and weapon setups to slots in your inventory screen, then switch between them as needed – it’ll even swap out your ornaments and shaders to keep your fashion fresh. You can unlock up to ten slots, though you’ll need to progress through the new Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks system to get them all.

Destiny 2 design lead Xavier Durand-Hollis confirms that swapping to a loadout can pull items from your vault to equip, but that it won’t put things you’ve unequipped away. “Loadouts will be able to withdraw items from your vault,” he explains during our preview, though he clarifies that you will need to have space already available in your inventory before doing so: “Loadouts cannot decide to push items back into your vault for you, they can only withdraw.”

This is obviously a slight frustration, as if you use a number of different gear pieces or weapons across setups it’s very easy to imagine your inventory slots filling up in the blink of an eye. Asked whether this is a concern, Durand-Hollis suggests that it’s something the team will keep an eye on with potential that this could change in the future, but as things stand you’ll have to manually put stuff away yourself if you want to keep your inventory tidy.

Destiny 2 Lightfall loadouts - a Guardian wearing a blindfold holds a glowing rifle

You might want to keep Destiny Item Manager installed for the time being, then. Nevertheless, the ability to swap between your loadouts on the fly – which Bungie says is possible at any time except when you’re in a locked-loadout activity – is certainly a very welcome addition. Jumping between GM nightfalls and Crucible PvP on the fly should be easier than ever.

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