Destiny 2 is getting another end-of-season event, but it’s “nothing too crazy”

It's "just a little time to chill in the Tower before the Lights go out"

Some of my favourite moments in Destiny 2 this year have come from the off-roadmap events. Typically, Bungie spells out everything that will happen in Destiny 2’s seasons. Earlier this year, though, the developer started leaving in space between the end of the roadmap and the start of the new season. It’s a good time to be experimental, and we’ve seen events range from community quests for new weapons to spectacles you merely stand back and watch.

This season proves to be no different, and there will be an event to mark the end of the season. That said, you shouldn’t expect too much as it’ll be “nothing too crazy”. Destiny 2 director Luke Smith took to Twitter to tell Guardians that Bungie wanted it to be a surprise, but someone let the secret drop in an email. He goes on to say that the event is “just a little time to chill in the Tower before the lights go out”.

Destiny 2 players have been on the lookout for the new event for the past week or so. A new emblem called “Calamity Protocol” was datamined that comes from an “end-of-season event”, so plenty knew something was coming. Bungie tweeted out a video of a radio that people swiftly began to decipher before the developer revealed that it was not a puzzle.

The community is also hard at work cracking an ARG puzzle and, boy, am I not nearly smart enough to mess with that. A few weeks back fans got their collector’s editions of Destiny 2: Beyond Light alongside extras that form part of a larger puzzle tying into a countdown timer that ended yesterday. It’s all unfolding on the Raid Secrets subreddit, and I’m merely nodding along.

The Destiny 2: Beyond Light release date isn’t far away now, but Bungie has been letting plenty of details slip. The Destiny 2: Beyond Light Exotics do look appealing, but more technical information is out there, too, such as when the Destiny 2: Beyond Light pre-load starts. Regardless, I’m looking forward to dipping back into some space bobbins on a new, icy planet.