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Destiny 2 lore tease hints at major character’s possible demise

A Destiny 2 lore tease suggests Rasputin, whom some believe is humanity's only hope for survival, may instead choose to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Destiny 2 lore tease hints at major character's possible demise: Rasputin may sacrifice himself for the good of humanity in Destiny 2.

A Destiny 2 lore tease suggests Rasputin, the AI Warmind that many believe is humanity’s only hope against The Witness and Xivu Arath in the popular FPS game, may instead choose to sacrifice himself for what he believes to be the greater good of humanity.

Developed by Clovis Bray and programmed to be the most powerful weapon in the fight for humanity, Rasputin originally made decisions based on mathematical calculations and algorithms. However, under Ana Bray’s guidance, he began to learn concepts such as emotion, empathy, and suffering.

Lore entries in Destiny 2 season 19‘s Persona series suggest a timeline of his development, which illustrates how his thinking evolved over time.

However, the one that captured players’ attention was a lore book collected in the game’s most recent story mission. In the book’s lore card, he says the following:

Do not weep.
As I reach into the black.
Pain does not become, and duty keeps straight my back.
I chose this life as sacrifice.
And there is nothing to be done.
While even shadows leave in Darkness,
I await you at the Sun.
Now I finish it.
As Tourniquet,
I’ve proven it,
Humanity’s trust, I’ve won.

Terminal dialogue from the season also provides an audio clip of Rasputin delivering a powerful thank you to Ana. In one particularly jarring moment, he refers to “the time of our final calculus.”

YouTuber Evaze covers the lore entries in detail.

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Rasputin’s intentions remain unclear. However, even if he does sacrifice himself, there’s always the possibility that he could be resurrected as a Guardian.

There is one more lore card to unlock in the series. And, the final weeks of the season will supposedly deliver a special quest leading into the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date. Perhaps that will give us more answers as we continue to invest in the world building behind one of the best free PC games available.

Be sure to prepare for Lightfall by keeping up with all the action in the Season of the Seraph. You only have a few more weeks to catch up with all the activities such as the Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon and the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest line.